Thursday, May 29, 2008


Thank you for such a beautiful picture, Anne!

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Permission or Not?

It's been something that has weighed heavily on mind most recently ~~~ whether or not I should set a privacy block on our family's blog....?

I pride myself in being a trusting individual, a positive thinker and an optimist of life. I have absolutely no problem being "an open book" for everyone to know. We have nothing to hide. However, I have to be realistic and do not want to possibly compromise my family's safety due to my desire to journal in cyberspace. It is sad, but also the truth, that there are people out there who are not always trustworthy and my number one concern are "MY PEEPS!"

With all this in mind, I have decided to "go private" with our blog. If I don't have your address but you would like access to our blog, please email me and let me know. Certainly, we do not want to lose any of our blog-buddies!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

This Is Today....

On Sunday and Monday we sat poolside enjoying the warm sun. Today...not so much!

Maybe it isn't below freezing or about to snow, but what in the world is up with our weather???? I can understand the clouds and rain, but 52 degrees... Geesh!

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Skype Rocks and...

so do Sandy and Kaitlyn!

We finally downloaded Skype onto the computers at home. And, I am so glad we did! We received a surprise call from Sandy, Kaitlyn and Jonathan Saturday afternoon when I logged on to check email. Sandy was trying to search for us on Skype after I emailed her about our new account. Thank you, girls, for contacting us!

It was so fun to chat with Sandy and Kaitlyn and talk to Jonathan. Although he could not see us as we were on the laptop without a camera, he was interested in the sounds and words we were saying to him. It was also great to see Kaitlyn LIVE and looking so happy. It is wonderful to hear straight from her that she is settling in at Angel House and enjoying her time there with the team this week. (Karen, you may want to download Skype sometime this summer!)

Thank you so much, Three Angels, for connecting our adoptive world here in the U.S.A. to your world in Haiti! It sure does a mama's heart good to hear and see the children live on the computer. Technology is great, Skype rocks and TA's is a blessings to us all!

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Swim Season...

..has officially started! Yahoo!

Mike and I spent Thursday cleaning, power washing and scrubbing the pool area. It was a warm day and the water temperature was high enough for the kids to take a swim.

It feels so good knowing summer is just around the corner!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Yeah for Kaitlyn!

Thank you for the photo, Sandy!
Kaitlyn has safely arrived at Angel House with the team of visiting parents. She will be spending the next 3 months volunteering at the orphanage, loving on the kids and helping out as needed. We are so thankful Kaitlyn has taken on God's calling to spend time in Haiti and chose Three Angels as the place to spend her summer. The energy, time and love she will be giving each and every one of the children is going to be such blessings to them all!

Thank you, Kaitlyn, for taking time out of your life to give to Haiti and Three Angels. The love you have for the country and its people is so evident. We are so thankful for the time you will spend at Angel House as it is such a blessing to everyone! We love you and cannot wait to see you in June!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

At the Old Ballgame!

The little girl below has wanted no part of sports. Each time registration would come around, I would offer the option to sign up. Whether it was soccer, basketball or swim, she wanted nothing to do with any team. This spring however, with a little peer pressure, Kate decided to try t-ball.

You would never know the cute Reds player in these pictures is the same child who wanted nothing to do with sports. Kate absolutely loves t-ball! She has a blast sitting on the bench with her friends, running the bases as we cheer her on, and cannot wait until it is her turn at bat. (Only thing is she refuses to wear baseball pants. They are for boys!) What a fun season it has been for everyone, but especially for Kate!

Funny how mom knows best...

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Beethoven, Watch Out!

Spring Piano Recital '08
Faith Lutheran Church

Monday, May 19, 2008

Oh, Little Brothers....

Yesterday Tim and Megan performed at their piano recital. (I will post about that later.) We were enjoying refreshments with the other families after the performance. There was a family there with four children. All the kids were our children's age; however, they also had a three year old little boy. His name is Troy.

Troy is a "stitch!" He is such a little character and full of energy. He makes us laugh to no end. As a matter of fact, Troy is the little boy who always keeps me entertained during church and boy scout meetings. He just cracks me up with all he has to say. I get such a kick out of the fact that he is always on the go. (Not to mention his mom and dad who are constantly chasing after him!) He reminds me so much of Tim.

We were all sitting around the table enjoying some post-recital treats, as well as thoroughly enjoying Troy's entertainment. Tim just could not stop laughing and was in amazement of Troy's one-liners and funny remarks about everything! At one point, Tim looked at me and said, "He is such a funny kid, Mom!"

I replied, "Little brothers can be so funny. It's going to be just like this when your brothers are home, ya know."

Tim smiled and said, "I can't wait!"

*** Tim loves his sisters, but there is nothing like the love and friendship brothers share! Tim is going to make the BEST big brother to Daniel and Jonathan. I cannot wait to see them together. June cannot come soon enough!

Sunday, May 18, 2008


...that this little guy's birth certificate is in Jean Nathan's hands soon! We love you, Daniel, and hope to be able to share some *wonderful news* with you in June.

Our dossier is in Haiti; hopefully being prepared for First Legal. In June, Mike and I will attend our DHS meeting for Jonathan. As long as Daniel's birth certificate has arrived, our dossier will then be ready for IBESR. We pray everything works out and we can get things rolling with the boys' adoptions.

We have also waited to tell Daniel we would like to adopt him. As he is currently a ward of social services, TA's does not have guardianship to him. Once TA's has custody of Daniel (and has his birth certificate), he will be available to adopt. It is then when *we can tell him we want to make him our son.* I pray we are able to do so in June when Tim, Meg and Kate are there with us!

While I visited Angel House a few weeks ago, I spent quality time with Daniel. We played games, read books, did crafts and shared lots of hugs. By the end of the trip, he was calling me *Mama*. My heart was filled with joy as I heard him say that. We continue to pray each day that the Lord will provide for this sweet, little boy. We pray Daniel will be able to become a part of our family and I can tell him I AM his *mama*!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

No More Monkeys Jumping On the Bed!

Cutest monkeys around!

Wow! Kindergarten is almost over… My little Kate is getting ready to move onto the first grade. This year has gone by so quickly as I have watched my Tater Tot change, learn and grow. Looking back and reading my post from last fall when Kate was beginning Kindergarten, I am in awe as to how much she has grown over the last nine months. She has turned into a child who loves to learn, enjoys her school friends and likes being at school. I am so proud of who she is becoming and look forward to watching her continue to blossom during her years in elementary school.

The Three Little Pigs!

Kate’s class had their end-of-the-year program recently. In lieu of a kindergarten graduation, the class celebrated their learning with a darling play “No Monkeying Around!” There were 19 monkeys performing songs, dances, rhymes and stories. It was a lot of fun for all the children and really fun to watch! Kate worked hard memorizing songs and lines for the program. We were so proud of her efforts and hard work.

"Mama called the doctor and the doctor said..."

Katie, you have had a wonderful year in Kindergarten! Mommy and Daddy are so proud of all you have accomplished. You learned how to say goodbye without tears and even walked into the morning line on your own as time went on. By the middle of the school year, we were amazed that you were beginning to READ, and your counting and number skills were at the top! Friendships grew and you adored each of your classmates. You worked hard at keeping games fair for everyone and always had kind wishes for them, too. You are growing into a wonderful person, Kate! Mommy and Daddy could not be more proud of you. We love you, Sweetie, and cannot wait to see what First Grade will bring for you.

Love and kisses,
Mom and Dad

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Boxes and PJ's...

A shoebox, pair of pajamas and a cubby are ordinary objects to many. At Angel House, these three things are way more than simple. They are something to call "your own!"One afternoon, after receiving a shoebox labeled with their names, the children decorated them with stickers. Carefully, each child placed the specially chosen stickers onto the sides and top of the box. Everyone loved the elephant stickers, and the boys thought the "machine" stickers were pretty cool! They really enjoyed decorating the boxes and couldn't wait to bring them downstairs.
We weren't finished with our box project yet, however. Each child was then able to pick from a stack of brand new pajamas. ~~Sandy wanted each child to have their own set of pjs in hopes to make laundry easier. She also hopes the kids will grasp the bedtime routine a bit better, as well. Each morning, pjs will be placed back into the box for safe keeping until bedtime.~~ Everyone had a great time choosing pj's and placing them in the box. Now they were really anxious to bring the boxes downstairs!
And, finally, we would! The children were so excited! They all placed their boxes in a "cubby" and rolled up their blankets to also be placed in there. After we finished putting everything away, we explained once the pj's learned to stay in their place each and every day, the children could add some of their own things into the boxes. What excitement that idea brought to their little faces!

Sandy plans to work on this new system for a bit. Once the children have it down, there is yet another special surprise for each box. What a fun day that will be at Angel House! I cannot wait to share it with them in June!
I am sometimes amazed at how something so simple can make the children's day. I can imagine, however, when there are 19 others to share a room, the dinner table, and even a bed at times, something of "your own" becomes pretty special. I am so glad we were able to give that something special to each of the children at Angel House last week. It made them so happy and they really did understand the idea.
...Many even asked if they would be able to take their box and pjs with them when they go home.... Doesn't that just warm your heart???!!!

Monday, May 12, 2008


...but, no rain this time... with lots of dancing and playing! What a great time we had in Haiti!

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Singing In the Rain!

It rained just about every evening in Haiti while we were there. Some nights it was only a sprinkle, but just enough too cool the air and compete with the humidity. By the end of the week, we all prayed for rainy evenings to cool the temps. ;-o

One afternoon, it decided to pour ~ and I mean POUR!!!! Again, we were thrilled as the winds it brought also cooled the air. There was a wonderful breeze throughout the orphanage as we worked and finished up afternoon jobs. Even the children were excited to see the rain. They all decided to run outside to play in it. And, yes, they actually began to sing in the rain...

What fond memories of a week at Three Angels!

Saturday, May 10, 2008

What a Week!

Wow! I am exhausted! It felt like a whirlwind of a trip to Haiti. It was exciting! It was fast! It was fun! It was blessed! It was wonderful to see all that happened!

The team worked harder than I have ever experienced on a mission trip! Everyone was so thrilled to see the children, greet the staff and give out blessings to all. We were all pumped and ready to conquer all that needed to be done. There were many laughs and smiles throughout the week of stories, jokes and good times. Prayers and devotions were heartfelt and each felt the Spirit move them as the week went on. God was with us all and we are ever so thankful to Him!
My trip to Haiti last week was probably the best one yet! I cannot wait to write about the events and cherished times spent by the group. Everyone so different yet very much the same. We all come from different places but each share a unique love for Haiti! It is all so very cool and now my heart is even more filled with that love for the country, its people and the people who serve our Lord!

Thursday, May 1, 2008

The Big Day Has Arrived!

Timbo will be getting his head shaved later on this afternoon. We will be sure to post a photo later ~ so be sure to check back!!!


"A True Hero to Kids With Cancer!" *



Then... We convinced Mike to go for the shave...