Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Our Slugger!

Tim is playing on the RCH team again this baseball season. It is amazing what one year can do for our slugger. He's matured in many ways - his confidence, skills and abilities to understand the game.

It's been a fun season for the whole family! :-)

Monday, June 16, 2008

Father's Day

We had a last-minute, rather quiet Father's Day. After spending the morning in the emergency room with Kate, being awake all night while Kate vomited every half hour and keeping Kate recovering from a concussion, we decided to lay low poolside. We had a nice afternoon chillin' together as a family! Mike's parents came by for a visit, we ordered pizza and enjoyed the yummy Father's Day cake from Dairy Queen.

Kate sat to the side with Papa and Grandpa Steve. She had no desire to get
in the water after the night she endured.

Even after the accident, a night of being sick and 4 hours in the hospital, Kate
still has a smile on her face!

Friday, June 13, 2008

Lucky Number Seven!

Only one week ~ only seven days ~ until we leave for Haiti. Tonight we take our Chloroquine ~ a teeny milestone of our trip. There are so many more ahead and we are so anxious to travel.
The kids finished up VBS this week. Today's bible point was "God gives us the power to go tell His story." My kids completely understood. Meg even shared our mission trip with the class and used it as an example as to how she is going to go to Haiti to share the story of Jesus.

I cannot wait to see how "our world" links up with Haiti for them. I pray our journey helps our children understand just how powerful our Lord truly is for us all!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Posting Delays...

Wow! I don't recall summer vacation ever keeping me so busy...? I have not even had time to post. Blogging has become something I really enjoy. As I reflect on the happenings of our lives, I appreciate being able to write about it all. Writing it down gives me a chance to work through things, understand what's going on and internally process it all. Hopefully, things will slow down, or I will at least be able to schedule in some more frequent writing soon.

I feel as if I am in a holding pattern here emotionally and mentally. We are still praying, hoping, wishing and wanting some good news about Daniel's adoption status. I am so anxious for the family trip to Haiti. Since November, when we scheduled this mission trip, we hoped we would be able to tell Daniel he is going to be our son while on this trip. We thought it would be the perfect time with Tim, Megan and Kate there with us. We thought it would be a wonderful experience for our children to be such a "big" part of our family's adoption process. We thought it would be a wonderful celebration with our "whole" family while we all traveled to Haiti together. We thought it would a blessed time to see Daniel's reaction to receiving a mama, papa and three siblings. We thought it would be so cool to explain to Daniel that he has a new Haitian brother living upstairs. We thought it would be such an incredible experience being able to do all of this together ~ all seven of us!

We still pray that all of our "thoughts" will be a reality in another week. Right now, we wait. It seems Daniel's paperwork may possibly be progressing; however, we still do not know for sure what his status is with Social Services and Three Angels. So, for now, we continue to pray, we prepare for our trip and we anxiously await to serve our Lord.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Our Haitian Princes


Monday, June 2, 2008

We Continue to Pray!

+ =

Would you please join us as we pray for Daniel's birth certificate to arrive before June 20th.? Without his certificate, our entire adoption process is stalled and we cannot proceed to IBESR with our dossier.
We would love to be able to adopt this little boy and give him a forever family. He sure deserves one after all he has been through!