Monday, August 30, 2010

Our Little Rah

Those who know me, know I would never have been caught carrying pompoms, shouting chants or cheering on the sideline. I was the one in the stands wearing the school colors, starting the "wave" with the crowds and spraying cans of silly string throughout the bleachers. However, Megan has definitely turned out to be the cheerleader of the family thus far!

With the lack of anything better to do this summer, Megan decided to try out for the junior tackle football league cheer squad in May. It was either that, or mom and dad were going to make her join swim team. We had made it a family rule that everyone find something productive to do this summer. To our surprise, as she has never had any past cheer experience, Meg made the squad and spent the warm months of vacation learning cheers, stunts and poise. And, she absolutely loves it!

We are all enjoying spending Saturday afternoons watching Megan and her friends cheer on the Rochelle Hubs 6th grade football team. It's been a great way to spend sunny afternoons. More than anything, it's been great to watch our little girl enjoying something as much as she does.

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