Thursday, October 29, 2009

Our Defensive Tackle

A year ago, I was not so thrilled Tim wanted to play tackle football. Bones can be broken, ankles sprained and heads crushed in a sport like that. However, I knew I had to let him "try it out." I knew I had to let him see if he liked the sport.

Tim needed to learn for himself how demanding this commitment would be. He needed to see for himself how much personal time of his would be taken up by playing on the team. Every night practice, Saturday or Sunday afternoon games and no time for friends meant something completely new to Tim. Our son loved time with his friends. He loved doing whatever he wanted when he wanted. Being a part of a rigid athletic schedule which demanded 100% attendance was not something Tim was familiar with - not at all.

So, we let our boy try it out. We signed him up for junior tackle football here in town. Even though Tim was the least beat mean, aggressive or tough, we let him give it a go...
The season ended with Tim getting awarded the "most improved player" of the season. He had a blast! From the moment football camp began in July until the end of the season mid-October, he loved every second of it! The drive, the will, the determination beamed through our boy as he learned the sport of football and became a starting lineman for the team.
We could not have been more proud of Tim's commitment to the football season, the team and the coaches. He stepped up and did what he needed to do to and enjoyed every second of it.
As fans of the sport, we had a great time, as well. The games were fun and we enjoyed cheering all the boys on throughout the season. Although I still cringe when Tim takes a hit, charges a tackle or twists a knee, it was so much fun to see our #80 play! We so look forward to next July and Hubs Football!

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megan haug said...

go Tim!!

love this bottom picture of him! :)